Warranty and FAQ

Warranty and Support Guidelines

One (1) year CARRY IN warranty on Parts Only
* With Warranty on
– Dead set or Dead item (Not responding)

* No Warranty on
– Burned item/items, Physical Damage, Missing/Bended Pins, Customer Induce Defect
– AVR/Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker, Headset
– Removed  or Unidentifiable warranty seals and sticker
– Our Products are Barcode and sticker controlled, no sticker no warranty.

License Software Support
* Operating System (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and application software and programs e.g. Office XP, Office 2007/2012, antivirus
– No warranty. Service Charges applies e.g. Re-formatting (desktop and Notebook – P 1,500.00). No License No Support.

Product Replacement
* Twenty-four (24) hours from date of purchase.
– More than Twenty-four (24) hours, Item/items will be returned to supplier (Manila 2 to 3 weeks waiting time). For Item refund, Item should be returned within 24hours and with complete packaging. If incomplete, Item value will be 50% less. Total Refund is only possible if returned Item is complete.

Technical support
– Monday to Saturday:  9:30am to 11:30am – 1:30pm to 4:30 pm

Frequently Ask Questions.
1. May last price pa ba? Meron. Pero konti na lang ang bawas dahil discounted price at mura na.
2. May Computer Shop ba kayo? Meron. One at N. Torres Corner Inigo Streets Obrero Davao City and the other is at Bonifacio Corner Anda Streets. (Level 3).
3. Tumatanggap ba kayo ng Credit Card o Installment? – Cash Lang muna sa ngayon.
4. Most specifications of our products can be found on the internet – Inquiries with intentions to purchase are most welcome.
5. Given and proven na talaga – Ang taong marami ang tanong – Di yan bibili.


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